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  using console version in windows  
From: whenuwishupon
Date: 2 Apr 2016 09:10:00
Message: <web.56ffc30db0d5ba8a331b01b20@news.povray.org>
Hey folks :)

i'm an aerospace engineer student working on my thesis. One objective is to
write a program for light curves simulation. for this purpose i'm gratefully
using povray because of its realism. The problem is that i want to adjust
parameters in POVRay (like reflection) without always rewriting the povray
skript and without running it seperately.

My idea is to let my main program write an .pov and .ini file after confirming
the parameters. The next step for the main program is to open the console
version of POVRay and initialise rendering with these files.(Starting .ini for
The ouput pictures do not need to be shown. Now my main program takes the lead
again and makes use of the pictures.

So for implementing povray in my main programm, I need the console version.  In
the source I found the windows/readme.txt. It describes how to build up a
primitive console version. "..., please modify the configuration as needed, edit
vfe\win\syspovconfig.h to enable the definition of _CONSOLE as noted
therein, and build." Ok, easy step.
But it says also that this console version is only a "simple example" and "If
you wish to make a more comprehensive console that runs on windows, please use
the unix version as a guide,..."

My questions: Is the primitive console version of POVRay for my purpose/idea
sufficing? --> Loading .pov , .ini , start .ini Animation , resolution input,
adjust ouput direction.

Or need I built up the unix version to a win executive with MinGW or Cygwin?
(is it complicated?)

Is there a list of commands to use for the console? in the documentation?

Whats the easiest way to achieve my purpose?

Thank you very much in advance. Sry for my bad english. I hope you understand
most of my text:)

Have a nice weekend!


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