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  Re: Forked for VS2015  
From: Dick Balaska
Date: 30 Oct 2015 01:58:54
Message: <MPG.309cd11cedf3b469989682@news.povray.org>
In article <56016377$1@news.povray.org>, ben### [at] outlookcom 
> For anyone interested in following along,

Me! [1]

> I forked POV-Ray and created a 
> new branch targeted just at getting it to compile in VS2015. The fork is 
> here:
> https://github.com/BenjaminChambers/povray/tree/VS2015

Good.  It is not possible to even get a copy of vs10, so a newbie is out 
of luck trying to build.

> I copied the directory windows/vs10 to windows/vs2015. That way, it will 
> continue to compile with previous versions. I then re-targeted all 
> included project files.

Don't you need povray.sln? It is missing.

> My first attempts are to get the ancillary libraries compiling correctly.

It looks like all you did was fix toFloat.h.  I was hoping you'd be 
further along.  I've already hacked in the missing million boost_ptr:: 
in 2 non-functional workspaces.
> Both the Boost libraries give errors, as do the OpenEXR libraries. The 
> jpeg, libpng, tiff, and zlib projects all compile (apparently) correctly.
> For Boost and OpenEXR, I'm going to go to the source and download new 
> versions, then work to integrate them in the current directory structure 
> as it is now. However, is there any reason they aren't simply excluded 
> from the source, with a note that they are dependencies?


[1] I *really* want to get povdos going.  I have a 4 linux box 
renderfarm. My windows box is about 50% faster at povray than those 4 
boxes _combined_. (All praise to whoever added SMP to povray.)

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