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  Re: qtpovray and debian  
From: clipka
Date: 16 Jul 2018 10:29:35
Message: <5b4cabcf$1@news.povray.org>
Am 16.07.2018 um 10:44 schrieb dick balaska:

> My last merge of povray was from master on 12/17/17.
> At the time, source/base/version.h was reporting povray as version
> 3.8.1-alpha as per a 12/2/17 clipka "Merge branch 'release v3.8.0'"
> I picked up that version number (and didn't really care).
> In my head, I noticed a discrepancy when clipka suggested I call mine
> v3.80.0 (why not 3.81.0 ?).
> Now I see clipka fixed that burp on 12/10/17. 3.8.0 has bubbled through
> most of the branches.

"Most" is the keyword here.

> I just merged autobuild/alpha_v380.  In source/base/version.h I picked
> up #define POV_RAY_PRERELEASE "alpha.9606898" and the copyright changed
> from 2017 to 2018.
> But, I still have
> #define POV_RAY_PATCHLEVEL_INT      1
> instead of
> #define POV_RAY_PATCHLEVEL_INT      0
> which is in the merged-from file.
> Why?  I have not altered this, and if I had, I should get a conflict.
> If makes me nervous for whatever other files I may not have picked up
> changes on.

Unfortunately, v3.8.0-alpha.9606898 was built just /before/ the merge of
`master` and `release/v3.8.0`.

This means your version number details are determined as follows:

- The _common base_ is the last common ancestor (including merges) of
`qtpovray` and `autobuild/alpha_v380`. That would be commit bb85b4fd
dated 2017-11-18, then on the `release/v3.8.0` branch. On that commit,
the version number details were as follows:

    #define POV_RAY_REVISION_INT        0
    #define POV_RAY_PATCHLEVEL_INT      0
    #define POV_RAY_PRERELEASE          "alpha"

- One line of inheritance would be via the `master` branch and then
`qtpovray`, starting with the merge commit b3038c26 dated 2017-12-03.
While this commit leaves the version number unchanged /on the master
branch/, the commit /does/ constitute a version number change with
respect to the _common base_, changing the following:

    #define POV_RAY_REVISION_INT        1

- The second line of inheritance would be via `release/v3.8.0` and then
`autobuild/alpha_v380`. The only version number changes with respect to
the _common base_ in this line of inheritance are changes of the
prerelease ID, with the last such change being the following:

    #define POV_RAY_PRERELEASE          "alpha.9606898"

So you have one line of inheritance saying POV_RAY_REVISION_INT needs to
be changed to 1, and another line of inheritance saying
POV_RAY_PRERELEASE needs to be changed from "alpha" to "alpha.9606898".

Since the changes seem to be independent, no conflict is raised, leaving
you with version number v3.8.1-alpha.9606898.

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