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  Re: qtpovray and debian  
From: clipka
Date: 16 Jul 2018 08:57:02
Message: <5b4c961e@news.povray.org>
Am 16.07.2018 um 10:44 schrieb dick balaska:

> My last merge of povray was from master on 12/17/17.
> At the time, source/base/version.h was reporting povray as version
> 3.8.1-alpha as per a 12/2/17 clipka "Merge branch 'release v3.8.0'"
> I picked up that version number (and didn't really care).
> In my head, I noticed a discrepancy when clipka suggested I call mine
> v3.80.0 (why not 3.81.0 ?).
> Now I see clipka fixed that burp on 12/10/17. 3.8.0 has bubbled through
> most of the branches.

For the records, that was not a burp. Here's what had happened:

- What is now v3.8.0 (currently in alpha phase) was originally slated to
be released as v3.7.1, and as such had already reached beta phase (and,
for a few days, even RC phase) before being rebranded as v3.8.0.

- Upon reaching beta phase, v3.7.1 was branched off `master` so that
finalization of that version could happen in a separate branch
(`release/v3.7.1`), while the master branch could continue to be used
for adding new features. At that point, the master branch was bumped to
version number v3.7.2-alpha.

- When it was decided that v3.7.1 would be too different from v3.7.0, it
was re-branded v3.8.0.

- While v3.8.0 was put back into alpha stage, it was originally expected
that the version would quickly fast-forward to RC phase again. It was
therefore left in its own branch (though now renamed `release/v3.8.0`),
while the master branch was bumped to the next version number, v3.8.1.

- When it became obvious that v3.8.0-beta wasn't going to be just a few
days ahead, all the changes in the master branch (i.e. changes
originally slated for a later version) were also merged into v3.8.0, and
that version moved back into the master branch. (Technically this was
done by simply merging v3.8.0 into the master branch.)

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