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  Re: code cleanup  
From: clipka
Date: 15 Aug 2017 18:37:41
Message: <599377b5@news.povray.org>
Am 15.08.2017 um 21:51 schrieb hexcoder:

> [libraries/tiff/libtiff/tif_ojpeg.c:925]: (error) Invalid number of character
> '(' when these macros are defined: 'C_LOSSLESS_SUPPORTED;OJPEG_SUPPORT;never'.
> [libraries/tiff/contrib/stream/tiffstream.cpp:117]: (error) Uninitialized
> variable: ostr
> [libraries/tiff/tools/tiffsplit.c:64]: (error) Buffer overrun possible for long
> command line arguments.

This is libtiff, a 3rd party library. We won't be doing code cleanup in

> [source/base/povmscpp.cpp:1757]: (error) Memory leak: nodeptr
> [source/base/povmscpp.cpp:1781]: (error) Memory leak: nodeptr

Thorsten commented on those already.

> [windows/cmedit/ccodemax.cpp:289]:
> [windows/cmedit/ccodemax.cpp:305]:
> [windows/cmedit/ccodemax.cpp:321]:
> [windows/cmedit/ccodemax.cpp:685]:
> [windows/cmedit/ccodemax.cpp:699]:
> The return value of malloc() should be checked before usage.

This is helper code for integrating CodeMax, a 3rd party library
providing the editor component for the Windows GUI. As we hope to get
rid of that component at the next possible opportunity (it doesn't fit
neatly with our current license), we probably won't be doing much code
cleanup in there either.

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