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  Re: Widening Sin() function  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 1 May 2017 15:20:36
Message: <59078a84@news.povray.org>
Le 01/05/2017 à 20:26, Bald Eagle a écrit :
> Posting this here for lack of a better place.
> I'm interested in widening the output of a sin() trace - using POV-Ray to
> generate output for SVG which then gets processed into ... something else
> (G-Code I think)
> So I thought maybe doing a simple "circle-sweep" would do it, though it may be
> overly complicated on the device end.
> Doing a line segment sweep with lines normal to the sine wave might do it, but
> may still be overly complicated.
> Stacking sin waves of different frequencies and amplitudes to offset to the
> sides / top / bottom  seemed the way to go.
> I was wondering is anyone had any suggestions as to how to code that up.
If I got it right, you want a path that follow a sinus function, with
probably a constant width.

Remember that the derivative of sin(x) is +cos(x), so to widen y = sin
(x), you could adjust the coordinates of the point to plot.

For an amplitude A of the sin(), the width W of the ribbon should be a
fraction of A.

You could use some (u,v) to (x,y,z) transformation with isosurface or

u: as you want (0 to 2 pi, for one run)
v: -1 to 1

x: u+W.cos(u)*v
y: A.sin(u)+W.sin(u)*v
z: 0

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