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  Re: Small update on the state of GPGPU  
From: Benjamin Chambers
Date: 23 Jan 2017 12:06:27
Message: <58863813$1@news.povray.org>
On 1/23/2017 9:24 AM, Benjamin Chambers wrote:
> If POV-Ray ever gets a re-write from scratch, it might happen.
> Otherwise, the current method seems fine.

Alternatively, we could try implementing it for very specific cases.

For instance, running hit tests against objects... If you have an area 
light, you could run large arrays of hit tests (16x16 or larger would 
probably benefit from this) against individual objects to see if they 
obscure the light source.

Also, as a first pass on the scene, you could run hit tests against 
every single object, and generate a map of the intersections.

Both of those would, of course, be run AFTER bounding-box tests, to skip 
objects entirely.

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