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  Re: Forked for VS2015  
From: Benjamin Chambers
Date: 23 Sep 2015 16:28:12
Message: <56030b5c$1@news.povray.org>
On 9/23/2015 10:13 AM, clipka wrote:
> Am 23.09.2015 um 14:55 schrieb Benjamin Chambers:
>> Given that package managers are pretty much ubiquitous in software
>> development (even Visual Studio has Nuget, which has served me quite
>> well in my {admittedly limited} needs), it may be time to rethink this.
> While package managers may be /becoming/ more common right now in the
> Windows world, there seem to be fundamental differences; for one, in the
> Unix world package management includes distribution of libraries in
> binary form, whereas NuGet seems to operate on the source code level.

I've seen both, actually. SQLite-Net, for instance, injects source 
directly into your project. Most libraries seem to distribute binaries 

> As for being "ubiquitous", there's still quite a way to go; I don't know
> about VS 2015, but in VS 2010 NuGet wasn't an integral part, and people
> still use that version out in the wild.

Fair enough. In newer versions of Visual Studio, both package 
maintenance through Nuget and source control through Github are more 
tightly integrated. However, your point about VS2010 being still rather 
common stands.

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