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  Forked for VS2015  
From: Benjamin Chambers
Date: 22 Sep 2015 10:19:35
Message: <56016377$1@news.povray.org>
For anyone interested in following along, I forked POV-Ray and created a 
new branch targeted just at getting it to compile in VS2015. The fork is 

I copied the directory windows/vs10 to windows/vs2015. That way, it will 
continue to compile with previous versions. I then re-targeted all 
included project files.

My first attempts are to get the ancillary libraries compiling correctly.

Both the Boost libraries give errors, as do the OpenEXR libraries. The 
jpeg, libpng, tiff, and zlib projects all compile (apparently) correctly.

For Boost and OpenEXR, I'm going to go to the source and download new 
versions, then work to integrate them in the current directory structure 
as it is now. However, is there any reason they aren't simply excluded 
from the source, with a note that they are dependencies?

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