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  Re: Modify source code of program POVRAY + MPI (please Help)  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 5 Jun 2014 15:37:08
Message: <5390c6e4$1@news.povray.org>
Le 05/06/2014 19:17, gaprie nous fit lire :
> I actually wanted to find a file whose job is to read the commad line
> (ex: "Povray +SR1 +ER200 +Ipawns.pov ER200") and threw it into the main Povray
> rendering process.


but you might need to look also at the vfe (virtual front end),
implemented for your system (unix, windows ...), that's where main() is.

The vfe/ hierarchy is complex on its own. (their is a subpart for unix,
and another for windows)

Parsing options fills the memory... and later, getters are provided with
default if the memory is not filled for a property.
Properties are encoded on a 4 bytes id, that's the part VMS transfers
around. You will find them in source/backend/povmsgid.h :-)

IQ of crossposters with FU: 100 / (number of groups)
IQ of crossposters without FU: 100 / (1 + number of groups)
IQ of multiposters: 100 / ( (number of groups) * (number of groups))

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