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  Re: Modify source code of program POVRAY + MPI (please Help)  
From: clipka
Date: 3 Jun 2014 06:53:25
Message: <538da925@news.povray.org>
Am 03.06.2014 11:39, schrieb gaprie:

> Thanks 'Mr.clipka' for your help.

That would actually be "Mr. Lipka" ;-)

> which file have task to throwing the variable value (Start_Row, End_Row, Widht,
> Height, etc) to the file view.cpp (to be evaluated in view.cpp file).

That would be base/processoptions.cpp; the methods 
ProcessOptions::Parse_INI_Option() and ProcessOptions::Parse_CL_Option() 
might be good places to start.

Those portions of the code actually don't really care about individual 
parameters such as Start_Row, End_Row, Widht, Height, etc; instead, 
they're just doing their job according to the tables 
RenderOptions_INI_Table[] and RenderOptions_Cmd_Table[], respectively, 
which specify what parameters actually exist, what their INI and 
command-line option names are, and what type of parameters they expect.

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