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  Re: Interested in CMake support (build system, IDE integration)  
From: clipka
Date: 14 Nov 2013 04:55:50
Message: <52849e26@news.povray.org>
Am 14.11.2013 08:49, schrieb ideasman42:
> Hi, I read on the recent github page that supporting IDE's (not just MSVC) is
> high priority for Povray.
> I maintain CMake build-system for Blender and have found it excellent for
> MSVC/Eclipse/QtCreator/Netbeans/KDevelop (XCode works well apparently though I
> don't use OSX).
> This also allows you to use Ninja (rather then gnu-make) which can give very
> fast builds.
> While the syntax of the CMake is a little strange, overall the build system
> works very well in my experience, other projects such as LLVM/Clang, BRL-CAD,
> OpenImageIO, OpenShadingLanguage - are using CMake too.
> Is it worth me getting CMake setup for Povray? - if you guys are not interested
> I would rather not spend time on it.

A much more relevant question here is, are /you/ interested in a CMake 
setup for POV-Ray? Would you use it yourself?

If you are, then chances are there's probably someone else out there who 
would use it as well.

If you aren't, then chances are you'll lose motivation to maintain it in 
the long run.

Setting up make files for a particular build system is just the smallest 
part of the job; keeping them alive and kicking over the years for an 
ever changing piece of software is the real challenge.

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