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  Re: POV-Ray Patch Identification Proposal  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 26 Jul 2013 06:24:22
Message: <51f24e56$1@news.povray.org>
Le 26/07/2013 09:46, scott a écrit :
>> I'm currently working on a 3.7 branch which will implement the above
>> (among a lot of other fancy stuff of course, but it double-features as a
>> prototype for a generic "branching framework"); adapting the approach to
>> other branches should be easy enough.
>> Comments, anyone?
> My concern would be that you release a branch with unbiased rendering
> :-) , I release a branch with sky-coloured fog, someone else does a
> branch for physics simulation, but how to render a scene utilising all
> of those features at once?

Well, I would have my own branch integrating these 3 branches...
Or maybe just my own personal local software pulling & merging the
patches from the various branchs.
(above is purely hypothetical, just to answer your question)
From my understanding of proposal, the scene has better check each of
the used features (until they becomes official in some ulterior official
release, at which time the scene would need at least to be updated to
switch from patch identification to usual version identification)

I think it might also works more closely with the repository system
itself. Instead of branches, some systems also have patch queues... but
I'm not fluent in anything, and i do not know what would/could happen.

It reminds me of a period of superpov / megapov which worked as
aggregating various patches from various authors in the same code. It
was not easy either, and it was somehow a kind of centralised thing
(whereas today everything goes distributed).

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