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  Re: Warning! Error in source Povray-3.7  
From: clipka
Date: 16 Jul 2013 15:43:19
Message: <51e5a257$1@news.povray.org>
Going back to a question that has been left unanswered:

Am 13.06.2013 22:06, schrieb LanuHum:

> Take me, please, programmers select not work toolkit with very good render
> system?

FYI, POV-Ray's roots are a lot, /lot/ older than you probably imagine. 
When the first version of POV-Ray was released, Linus Torvalds was just 
finishing school and hand't even purchased his first PC yet; fancy 
graphics on PCs (or probably any other hardware reasonably available to 
hobbyists back then) still meant drawing individual pixels by writing 
individual bytes (or sometimes even bits) directly to the graphics 
hardware - with different graphics adapters often requiring different 

It was only ten years later that the SDL emerged, and at that time it 
was a pretty good choice. It was also a time when code size was still a 
much heavier issue than it is today, and the SDL had the advantage of 
being pretty lightweight. After all, to just display a render preview 
you don't need a sophisticated GUI toolkit like the GTK+ (which I guess 
is what you mean when you mentioned GTK).

One might argue that by now POV-Ray could have moved on to something 
more sophisticated for render preview on Linux, but obviously that would 
have required someone to invest time into it. With the current dev team 
members being mostly Windows-focused, this simply hasn't happened yet. 
(It's also probably not worth the effort anymore; due to licensing 
issues with an important library the Windows GUI needs major work 
anyway, and the dev team will probably take the opportunity to move 
towards a cross-platform GUI toolkit.)

> Lamer!

I'm not sure whether you know how rude (and inappropriate) this comment is.

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