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  Re: fog flag to fade to sky_sphere/background color  
From: scott
Date: 3 Jun 2013 05:55:32
Message: <51ac6814$1@news.povray.org>
> I'll see if I can have a go at implementation of the first idea, but
> last time I tried to compile the source with Visual Studio Express I
> remember getting atlbase.h errors (I'm pretty sure I got it to work in
> the past with VSexpress so I'll spend some more time with it over the
> weekend).

I only got half an hour or so over the weekend but I did find out it 
wasn't going to be trivial to compiler under the latest VSexpress. The 
main error is that shared_ptr is used *a lot* and VS doesn't know if it 
means boost::shared_ptr or std::shared_ptr. I think I just need to go 
through and prefix all the shared_ptr occurances with "boost::". There 
are also apparently some missing files (toFloat.h, b44ExpLogTable.h, 
initializer_list) - need to investigate those further...

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