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  Re: Entry point confusion?  
From: Le Forgeron
Date: 23 Feb 2011 16:22:37
Message: <4d657a9d$1@news.povray.org>
Le 23/02/2011 21:31, Aidy nous fit lire :
> Hi guys.
> Quick question. I'm working on pov-ray for my final year project at uni, and am
> getting a little lost. I posted a while ago about class diagrams and entry
> points and was pointed at the TracePixel::Operator() method, however I was using
> 3.7 beta at the time. I've now switched down to the current stable release but I
> now don't seem to have that class?? Is it a new thing in 3.7 or am I just
> missing something?

Spell it correctly when searching

./source/backend/render/tracepixel.cpp:void TracePixel::operator()(DBL
x, DBL y, DBL width, DBL height, Colour& colour)

(that's in 3.7RC3) (notice the lower 'o', it's a c++ keyword)

If you are looking at 3.6, well, that's a bit of different story.
the local function trace_pixel() is in render.cpp

> Also what is the main entry point on windows? I found the povray.cpp which
> contains a main method inside an #ifndef but when i attempted to place something
> in this (cout for instance) I never saw it so I assume it never got executed.

The source is available for unix (and alike).
For Windows, well... it's windows, and the usual entry point for an
application would be main() as usual for a console application, but
something totally different for the graphical part. (something like
WinMain... or some other sillyness, I just cannot remember from my
traumas with the various Visual Studio... )

Anyway, the virtual front-end is defined in the vfe subpart (and only
unix part is delivered), with a definition of ALTMAIN and its own main().

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