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  Re: Pov-Ray Windows plotting code  
From: David H  Burns
Date: 7 Jul 2009 19:48:58
Message: <4a53deea@news.povray.org>
Thanks. I have looked in the Pov-Ray sources but was
unable to determine the relevant modules. That's what I was asking. Thanks
for the sites. I will take a look at them. Such sites that I have looked 
at seem
to be intended for VC++. I suppose that's OK, PovRay is written in VC++.
Since Microsoft controls virtually all of the computer industry and most
computer hardware is built for Microsoft software, there seems little point
  in going to a lot of trouble trying to learn something else or to 
adapt code
written in any but Microsoft languages to work on computers using

Thanks for the help,


Christian Froeschlin wrote:
>> Visual something .net or switch to a Linux. But I would still to know 
>> what
>> module in the Pov-Ray uses to send images to the screen. 
> You can look at the povray sources for that, but I think you
> should rather look at the GDI tutorials listed on
>   http://www.functionx.com/bcb/
> and then especially
>   http://www.functionx.com/bcb/gdi/bitmaps.htm

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