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  Re: Pov-Ray Windows plotting code  
From: David H  Burns
Date: 7 Jul 2009 11:52:01
Message: <4a536f21@news.povray.org>
Thanks. Do you mean Microsoft's Windows API documentation? I find that my
comprehension level for any Microsoft documentation is very low.  I 
suppose that
some of the programs I tried were "wrappers" around Windows. But I haven't
had any luck compiling them with Borland C++ on Windows XP. I suppose the
only solutions may be either to give in to the Microsoft monster and go to
Visual something .net or switch to a Linux. But I would still to know what
module in the Pov-Ray uses to send images to the screen. Or am I being to
simplistic and such a question has no meaning.

Warp wrote:
> David H. Burns <dhb### [at] cherokeetelnet> wrote:
>> This question may be ignorant or off-topic but: How does Pov-Ray
>>   "plot" images in Windows.
>   You should read the Windows API documentation. There are also tons of
> wrappers around that API which make it easier.

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