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  Re: Random and array  
From: Christian Froeschlin
Date: 23 May 2009 16:50:37
Message: <4a18619d@news.povray.org>
Jimi aka James wrote:

> And now as a dessert my work, people on the stadium on the bottom seats :-)

Looks very nice. However, you should add a small random element to
the position as well, it's a bit too regular for people. Also, making
the glowas a tiny bit larger and using color "Tan" instead of
"Yellow" could help, too.

Also note that your statements "scale <0,N,0>" actually mean
"scale <1,N,1>". Although POV can handle this for being able to
imply use "scale N*y", writing the 0 explicitely is misleading.

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