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  Re: Explanation of source code  
From: Thorsten Froehlich
Date: 9 Apr 2009 01:19:29
Message: <49dd8561@news.povray.org>
May I suggest you check out the books listed in the documentation for 
understanding the algorithms used in POV-Ray? It is not like the algorithms 
were conjured up by the POV-Team from thin air ;-) Well, actually some were, 
but that is another story...

There is plenty of other ray-tracing literature out there, too. If you need 
well-annotated ray-tracing source code, I would recommend the book 
"Physically Based Rendering", which explains pretty must everything there is 
necessary to know.

Grown source code like that in POV-Ray is not particularly suited to learn 
the basics of ray-tracing. Books are much better for that :-)

	Thorsten, POV-Team

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