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From: William F Pokorny
Subject: Possible v4.0 real time rendering extensions (povr).
Date: 23 Oct 2021 18:57:50
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Firstly, FWIW, I now think the real time rendering (RTR) memory bubble 
is primarily due the POV-Ray Messaging System (POVMS) backing up. 
Though, other things certainly affect the total memory consumed.

I've added a couple real time rendering extensions to my povr playpen 

Co-opted the Cyclic_Animation=true|false (+-kc) capability for real time 
rendering(1). The control already existed for non-RTR animations. The 
real time rendering now stops at the end of the camera list unless +kc 
is used. Perhaps too help for how large the memory bubble gets.

A Real_Time_Capture=true|false (+-rtc) capability. Which currently 
writes pfm, 32 bit float rgb files for each frame to the current 
directory. These can, for example, be converted to full float exr files 
with the openimageio-tools' iconvert utility.

The +rtc mode also bypasses the usual internal messaging framework used 
for the preview display. To render one scene to a pfm file one would 
turn off the Clockless_Animation(1), -kla, as in: '... +rtr +rtc -kla 
-kc ...'

(1) The Clockless_Animation animation feature, as currently implemented, 
is in fact a: "Cylic rendering of a list of cameras during RTR." So, 
today we have a ByCameras_Animation for RTR - though other clockless 
animation approaches are possible.

For an example animation see:

Web Message: <6174929b$1@news.povray.org>

Bill P.

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