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  Re: Wood pattern and v4.0.  
From: And
Date: 19 Sep 2023 04:55:00
Message: <web.650960e978885d7676afd5b8aa81652d@news.povray.org>
William F Pokorny <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> I played a little with the IsoWood macros a 'long' time ago and have a
> copy somewhere, but I don't recall what pattern / functions were used
> for the wood patterning - thanks for the info on the look of it in
> comparison.
> I've been following your 'wood work' programming effort. I confess to
> more or less thrashing around, pushing here and there, on what can be
> done and only sometimes with 'wood' grain specifically in mind.

Ha... I explored the concept (deform, growth rates, knots, etc) separately. I
would like integrate them. But I don't have enough ability on developing a
program. I just learn it by DIY.

Thank you. I feel encouraged.

> Yes, the approach in the bottom row is to start with an internal
> turbulence scaled small to make the rings just a little bit noisy as
> they go around - and then on top of that to layer one or more additional
> warp turbulences at larger scales to get a more complete wood pattern look.
> This turbulence layering approach is difficult with the old style 'wood'
> because it has those fixed, positional harmonics. It's too easy to push
> the 'favorable' portion of the pattern off of the surface being textured.

I cannot understand it very well.

> I'm starting to look now at pushing into the warp{} mechanisms with
> thoughts toward a re-work of the underlying functionality of that code.
> In the povr fork, I have quite a few fixes and additions hacked into
> that code over what is in official POV-Ray releases, but it's all
> 'hacked in'. I'd like to refined what's there into something better.
> Anyhow... I'll attach another image using the povr updated 'wood' as the
> base pattern - not really aimed to be anything in particular. It's a
> test image for other features as much as the changed 'wood', but I think
> it looks interesting.
> Using it_* turbulence and warp{it_* ...} turbulence with emitting,
> media{density{density_map{...}...}}.
> Oh, the containing shape is an isosurface based upon povr's inbuilt
> f_toupie() function. Here with options forming a shape somewhat like a
> spinning top. It's thicker in the middle, thinning as it moves out from
> the center before thickening into an outer torus at the edges.
> Bill P.

I noticed that povr is running on Linux. I don't have much ability on
C/C++,(additional I'm learning another thing) so I'm not trying it. I will try
it in the future or waiting the integration with official POV-Ray version.

Are you have facebook? I have searched(a little) people on this newsgroup. I
have found you. I think that I ought to add people on facebook, otherwise I
cannot imagine any character about people here.

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