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  Re: Ideas. Playing with f_hash inbuilt function. (povr branch).  
From: jr
Date: 15 Aug 2021 17:55:00
Message: <web.61198c429e282aed5e0fed26cde94f1@news.povray.org>

William F Pokorny <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> On 8/15/21 4:09 AM, jr wrote:
> ...
> > love this "stirring paint" effect.
> >
> :-) Thanks.
> I inherited an old leather bound book publish sometime in the mid to
> late 1800s; since given it to my daughter. In trying to learn more about
> the book, I corresponded for a time with a librarian at university which
> had a similar book. On the inside covers there were these wonderful
> color swirling patterns and I asked her how they were done.

I too remember (vaguely) seeing such a book once.  thanks for the (snipped)
explanation.  thinking that you might like the types of patterns designed by W
Morris, if you don't know (of) him already.

> FWIW. I took a couple day run at your '-window id' feature idea and failed.
> Learned quite a bit about X - enough to address two unix display issues
> Jerome uncovered some years back with all the preview displays. The
> approach tried, I borrowed from 'feh' which just added a window id
> feature. I think a more invasive method is likely necessary for POV-Ray,
> but, maybe I'm still clueless.
> Also, in looking at the tcl/tk code supporting such 'adopted' windows, I
> wonder, still, about getting all the event masks and handling lined up
> so nothing is tangled that should not be - except, you know, what should be.

I'm wondering whether you aren't .. over-complicating.  on the Tcl/Tk side - the
app provides a 'frame' created with '-container', frames have no (default)
bindings.  I envisage generating a temp scene (and perhaps ini), then 'exec'
povray and tell it to put the preview yonder.

re '-into'.  I had a v cursory look at xterm source ('xterm-325'), of interest
in only 'main.c' in that it processes options, and its call to a function
'misc.c:xtermEmbedWindow()', which wraps 'XReparentWindow()'; the rest of
'misc'c' will probably also provide insights.

> Maybe I'll take a run at it again down the road. I have an interest in a
> simple generic interface for things like modeling splines on the fly
> using POV-Ray as for both modeling and display - as you know.
> I played some with the xcb alternative to xlib too. Why? Well, I
> strongly suspect that threads xlib fix we came up with isn't going to
> fly with a -window id / -into feature.

??  the window would be the same, just a different owner.

regards, jr.

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