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  Re: Builtin color spaces, spectral colors?  
From: Bernard
Date: 15 Apr 2013 09:00:02
Message: <web.516bf927b3de06ac274e2410@news.povray.org>
May I, as a beginner in PovRay but a long-time worker in colour technology, post
a word of caution?
Most people do not understand colour. A straightforward 3D system like rgb is
quite complicated enough for them.

Having said that, I will draw a parallel with 'RealBasic' (now Real Studio)
which I use to create my own software. The point is that every new version
becomes more complex and farther removed from the easy-to-use system that it
used to be. The simple methods that a beginner can put to immediate use are
still there, but increasingly hidden in a mass of clever-clever stuff.

It is possible for RealStudio (and PovRay) to become so clever that only its
already expert users know where to start.

I looked briefly at PovRay about 20 years ago. I see that it has developed
considerably. It occurs to me that if you spend much of a lifetime building a
system it might take a newcomer much of a lifetime to understand it.

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