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  camera calibration  
From: StudentPHD
Date: 13 Mar 2013 17:45:01
Message: <web.5140f2fb88b7d8b035064a200@news.povray.org>

I am developping an application on povray to generate an images to to use them
to test my  algorithm of 3D reconstruction.

MY configuration is like this:
  camera {

                   sky <0,1,0>
                   up <0,1,0>
                   direction <0, 0, 1>*0.1
                   angle 90
                   rotate <40,-45,0>
                   translate<300, 250, -300>
                   look_at <0,0,1>


I define 100 povray unit to be 1m, it means that 1 povray unit be 1cm.  I need
to calibrate camera. It means  ,I need to get the internal and external

External parameters is very simple: matrix rotation R=
[rotx(40),roty(-45),rotz(0)]. The translation is the center of camera(location )

My problem is about the matrix K of internal parameters(3 by 3). It means the
focal, size of pixel(is square or not?),...

And Finally, I need the model used by povray to project the 3D point. I know
that I use a perspective type of projetion but . There many manner to calculate
the matrix of camera. like P=  k*[R T] , P=K*[R -R*T]. I need to know which
model the pov ray software uses ?

Thanks to help me.

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