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  Re: PovRay for using in 3D-Printing  
From: nurmichl
Date: 16 Jan 2013 09:50:01
Message: <web.50f6bdaae17e77a2606908e90@news.povray.org>
"H. Karsten" <h-karsten()web.de> wrote:
> As it cam be found in this post:
> &toff=150&mtop=368500
> There was already a patch before, able to save objects from PovRay as
> geometry-files.
> Here the link:
> http://jgrimbert.free.fr/pov/patch/tessel/index.html
> People, involved in 3D-Printing often times using a software, called OpenSCad
> http://www.openscad.org/
> Problem: Comparing the options of generating objects to PovRay, openscad is very
> limited and it's slow. Advantage: it can export .stl files, used in 3D-Printer
> slicing packages, like slic3r (slic3r.org) and many many others.
> If PovRay would be able to export it's geometry as .stl files, using one of the
> methods used like in the old patch (like "tessel" or "tesselate", using one
> PovRay-unit as one millimetre), I'm very sure it will be used in wide areas of
> 3D-Printing.
> It is just the way better tool for parameterised object-generation.
> Holger

I'm also involved in 3D-Printig (just started to build my own printer. My
printer-construction is designed in povray too.)
Now I'd like to design my prints in povray. I'm looking for a converter to
export this pov-files into stl or something similar to feed them into slic3r.

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