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  Re: PovRay for using in 3D-Printing  
From: H  Karsten
Date: 25 Sep 2012 21:45:00
Message: <web.50625cfae17e77a2a3bfeb720@news.povray.org>
> The problem is that POV in general does not use meshes to represent
> objects, so to create a file like STL you need to use some kind of
> tessellation algorithm, which is not trivial.
> If there is no way to feed directly the bitmaps to the printer then I
> would be tempted to write a very simple tessellation algorithm that
> wrote out cubes to an STL file - the syntax looks quite easy for POV to
> output http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STL_(file_format)

Yea that's right. So my hope was to take it more or less from the patch, I've
linked to at top.

> If you have a mesh that is not closed properly then the 3D printer is
> going to have the same problems knowing which side is in or out of the
> solid.

My last try to use meshes in CSGs is long time ago (dono what version) anyway
PovRay was not able to do the CSG. I remember once there was a way in MegaPov,
giving an option of saying where in insight and outside. I've never get this to
Is it working by now? Would be very cool! Maybe I should give it a try again.

> That shouldn't be difficult to do, after all the STL format doesn't
> appear to come with any units either.

I found a printers-types so far, able to use Pictures. Its using powder as
layers and a kind of a head, coming from a printer (ink-jet). It just "prints"
out the pictures onto the powder and do the next layer.
It cam be a very nice result, but can take 11 hours for one centimetre :P
I think that's, what the option of exporting a .png -sequence out of slic3r is
good for.



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