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  Re: PovRay for using in 3D-Printing  
From: H  Karsten
Date: 24 Sep 2012 17:30:00
Message: <web.5060cf72e17e77a2a3bfeb720@news.povray.org>
scott <sco### [at] scottcom> wrote:
> > If PovRay would be able to export it's geometry as .stl files, using one of the
> > methods used like in the old patch (like "tessel" or "tesselate", using one
> > PovRay-unit as one millimetre), I'm very sure it will be used in wide areas of
> > 3D-Printing.
> It might be worth checking if the 3D printer can accept a series of
> bitmap slices directly, this would be very easy to generate from POV and
> probably more accurate.

This step would need to be done insight the slicer-package. Not a bad idea so

Slic3r for example cam slice objects into a .png sequence... funny, and I always
asked myself what this is good for.

So there would need to be just the other way around.

One problem so far is, that when you tell the slicer the thickness of the
slices, the amount for the filament transport needs to be calculated too.
As well you are not allowed to have thicker slices as the diameter of you
As long as you have all this dependencies regulated insight just one application
live is easy.
Using pictures as slices to print means, you need exactly to know, what you are
doing! Do the right steps for the slices insight PovRay, put in the value in
sclic3r and go from there...

Not a task for newbie's!

Having the objects as STL files would make live easy, leaving a sight, that
slicing objects in PovRay can become a difficult task. For example slicing a
mesh, or mesh2 object. Not everything can easily be used in CSGs! As well you
need to have absolute exact camera-settings, to keep everything the right
proportions - keep in mint: all what comes with the image-sequence are pixel (or
voxel) no mm or inches.

For normal usage this is just to complicate. - But it would be a hack!

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