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  Re: What 's best way of making this kind of image ?  
From: zzzzzz
Date: 20 Apr 2012 01:55:06
Message: <web.4f90f9b94795eda4b63966750@news.povray.org>
clipka <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> Am 17.04.2012 19:54, schrieb zzzzzz:
> > What should be the best way to achieve this ?
> > The Dreambox expects an 8-bit paletted PNG file
> Are you sure 24 bit PNG with 8 bit alpha channel doesn't cut it?

Yes, with a 24 bit PNG with 8 bit alpha channel it doesn't work.
An 8 bit indexed PNG works (with transparency or not, but on some skins it looks
better with transparency).

> Can't you convert from TGA to 8-bit paletted PNG directly? I'd expect
> Imagemagick to be able to do that stunt.

I am sure Imagemagick can do it, but the myriad of options was a bit too
difficult for me.

> POV-Ray does not support paletted image output in any format; the reason
> is that there are plenty of different ways of choosing a suitable
> palette, and plenty of different ways to dither the image, each with
> their own strength and weaknesses, so we leave that job up to image
> processing software as a post-processing step.

I can understand this reasoning.
Finally I found a way of doing it, I'm now creating a regular 24 bit PNG image
with alpha channel (+ua), and now I'm using PNGQUANT to convert it to an 8bit
indexed image, mainting transparency.

The result looks a lot better.

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