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  Re: Faster and even faster POVRay  
From: Gyscos
Date: 9 Nov 2011 01:10:07
Message: <web.4eba1867ed8ce7e01ba56a630@news.povray.org>
I don't think there is a "makeItFaster" switch in the code source that's OFF by
If it was "easy" to make POV-Ray faster, I think the devs would have done it
already, at least in the 3.7 branch.
So considering the engine itself is at full capacity, you have only two options
to speed up the rendering.
The first is, as you mentioned, distributing the load. Rendering subset of an
image is easy with just a few INI parameters, same for an animation.
The second is simplifying the scene. There are many potential optimizations to
make, often resulting in a bigger speed boost than an hypothetical source code
improvement, or a PC upgrade.
Slow things usually involve radiosity and/or photons. Try playing with the
parameters here to see if you can get acceptable results in reasonable time...

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