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  Faster and even faster POVRay  
From: handos
Date: 18 Jul 2011 07:15:00
Message: <web.4e24151154193ffcd7ae32040@news.povray.org>
Hi everyone,

I have been really looking for a faster version of POVRay to be able to render
scenes which take about 1 hour with(2 cores and POVRay-3.7 machine) or so in
less than 1 minute (I know it's too ambitious). How do you guys go about
rendering the scenes which take almost a day or even more? There are many
artists here in the forums maybe their expert comments on this would be worth
gold. Are there any possibilities to still make it super quick modifying the
Parallelisable POVRay-3.7? Ofcourse the standard possibilities are

(a) Get a new powerful machine which has more cores.
(b) Run it across over to several machines by splitting the task of rendering.

But has anyone of you ever worked with some publicly available cloud clusters to
aid quick rendering of the images? There is a service provided by Amazon but
it's not free. I'm wondering if anyone tried something of this sort. I'm really
in my desperation to get the rendering of 12K images (each image rendering takes
about 30min-1hour) done within few hours. I'm using condor service at the moment
but I only have access to around ~500 machines. To render 12K images within few
hours (to be specific I'd say 2-3 hours) I'd need more machines and I don't have
them. Any possible suggestions would be most welcome or any possibilities of
changing the POVRay code?

Kind Regards,

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