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  [SDL] New instruction - Automatically joining objects  
From: Kelumden
Date: 16 Dec 2009 15:00:00
Message: <web.4b293afb5f92f0a7f3ada4f40@news.povray.org>
I would like to describe a new instruction which could, IMHO, be really useful
when building a scene.

A bit of background:

I used POV-Ray for a couple of years but without real artistic talent so I keep
myself with Sci-Fi subjects, my favorite being spaceships in an hard science
setting (like the RPGs 2300AD, 2320AD and Jovian Chronicles). While
building/assembling various parts to create a spaceship, I have frequently been
annoyed by the difficulty of adjusting different modules. So ...

The proposal:

1. An instruction to define a connection vector. A connection vector is an
identified vector (origin and direction) associated with an object and whose
origin is set anywhere on or near the object. Being identified means that this
vector has a mean of being uniquely addressed within the scope of the object (by
index or by name)

2. An instruction allowing to specify a connection vector from one object that
must be aligned with a connection vector of a target object. This instruction
resolves as a rotation of the first object so that the two vectors are parallel
but pointing in opposite directions. To this end, the first object is rotated
around the origin of the first vector. The rotation is followed by a translation
of the first object so that the origin of both connection vectors are the same
(in the absolute reference space)


1. There must be a way to uniquely identify each object
2. Once merged, there must be a way (or rules !) to tell what append with
connection vectors of both objects. Are they de facto merged or deleted?

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