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  Environment mapping...  
From: arblick spule
Date: 9 Sep 2009 16:35:00
Message: <web.4aa810ff818679c649a3f8030@news.povray.org>
....It's not cheating!!!  If you use POVRAY to make the environment map...

...OK, so it's cheating a little bit but I'm rendering a scene which would (if I
properly raytraced it) 1265 light sources, however with some cunning "ambient
light painting" I can get away with using none.  But! I can't get a good mixed
render with a reflective surface (i.e. robot characters head) because I need to
raytrace all that.  If I could merge the different render layers then all would
be fine and I wouldn't have to cripple my computer by using 1265 light

....Also, what's all this about POV obtaining Moray?  Are you guys gonna come out
with a combined POV/Moray thing???  3DSMax without the arrogance,

think Moray was cool, but apart from the texture editor (the best thing to
happen ever) you had no real script control over the scene.

Maybe the POV4 object parser makes OpenGL approximations of the scene which you
can edit dynamically through the GUI or through the script engine which creates
all the POV-Code?

|           |          |T|
| Topview   | Leftview |o|
|           |          |o|
+-----------+----------+l|  <---------------------...and this changes!!!<-\
|           |          |b|                                                |
| Frontview | CamraView|o|  <----Edit this and...>-\                      |
|           |          |x|                         |                      |
+-----------+----------+-+                         |                      |
|Code view!!           |?|  <----...this changes!<-/                      |
|  {  radius .2        |?|  <--------------------------Edit this...>------/

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