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  Re: POVRAY v4 SDL, Basic/Advanced/Intermediate  
From: triple r
Date: 21 Apr 2009 01:00:01
Message: <web.49ed5261b3289e363a1b7c30@news.povray.org>
Mueen Nawaz <m.n### [at] ieeeorg> wrote:
> triple_r wrote:
>  I hate to argue like this, but let me ask an irritating question.

I think we're mostly in agreement about this.  I find that most of the data
processing I do, including conditionals and such, can be vectorized just fine,
although you're correct in saying that some things just don't vectorize.

> Why
> do a lot of people use C/C++ for heavy computation if they could do it
> with MATLAB

I think there's comfort in doing the low-level details yourself.  I'm guilty of
this, and only just figuring out that most of what I spend my time doing has
already been done pretty well in a high-level language.

>  I doubt the reason for most of them is that they don't know about
> vectorize.

True, although in my experience, most people don't.  The first language I ever
learned was actually the POV-Ray SDL, and it really stuck with me to do all of
the low-level details yourself, relying only on some basic functions.  It works
pretty well for POV-Ray scenes since most don't involve heavy processing, but
sooner or later you start to run into problems.  It's the classic, "If all you
have is a hammer..." scenario.

 - Ricky

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