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  Re: Spline improvements  
From: Chambers
Date: 15 Jan 2009 10:19:07
Message: <ED1D2532F40F4F62964625CEAE9F20F2@HomePC>
OK, so you're saying that
auto_spline(x) - auto_spline(x+h) = l,
where x is a value 0..1, h is some value 0..1-x, and l is the distance
travelled along the spline.

In other words, the "distance" between the points returned by as(0.3)
and as(0.5) is the same as the "distance" between the points returned by
as(0.4) and as(0.6).

Put another way, if a spline were a string, then two points along the
spline separated by a constant factor would always have the same amount
of string between them.

Is that correct?

...Ben Chambers

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