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  Re: Spline improvements  
From: Chambers
Date: 14 Jan 2009 23:02:08
Message: <CFBF2B324C4B43D49B362C42698B2F94@HomePC>
The problem is that splines don't subdivide geometry; they merely
provide a mechanism for finding a point on a curve.

In other words, if I have a spline MySpline, then I could do:


And all would return points.  Nowhere does the spline itself create a
list of points.

You seem to be thinking of a spline as a sort of vector array.  This is
not the case; it is a mathematical representation used to create a
curve.  We then take values from that curve for all sorts of reasons,
but what use we make of them is unrelated to the spline itself.

...Ben Chambers

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