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  Suggest v4.0 updates to 'crackle ip_solid'. (yuqk R15 v0.6.9.0)  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 15 Jun 2024 08:52:19
Message: <666d8e83$1@news.povray.org>
Attached scene and image files demonstrating suggested new features(*) 
using crackle's solid mode.

The offset / 'ip_offset' in yuqk is fixed / changed so it is applied 
just prior to the return of the pattern's value. This means unlike 
official POV-Ray it works with the solid mode.

The yuqk fork has added 'ip_strength' and 'ip_raw_return' features.


The top row of the image shows the three noise generator options (1,2,3).

The middle row shows the three noise generator options (1,2,3), but now 
using 'ip_strength <0,0,0> so that the cube centers running from -4,-4,0 
to 4,4,0 (**) are used as seeds for Noise(). It shows especially the 
weakness of the original perlin noise implementation(***) - middle, right.

The bottom row uses the default noise generator 2 always and:

   Left: ip_strength <0.5,0,0>

   Middle: ip_strength <0,2,0>  // can cheat >1 with solid mode

   Right: ip_repeat <2,2,0> ip_strength <0,0,0.7>

Bill P.

(*) - Additional features likely still to come, but work is stalled due 
cache issue.

(**) - There are optimizations which make this statement a bit of a lie.

(***) - We are landing on the grid boundaries - the Noise() value range 
only 0.459921 - 0.524583. An improved perlin noise implementation 
exists, but it is not available in POV-Ray.

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