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  Re: On new directive to stop after parsing. A near term trick.  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 29 Mar 2024 18:03:52
Message: <66073ac8$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/29/24 13:08, jr wrote:
> can you use BE's "to file" idea ?  ie write the exit / status code as last line
> when 'all_file=true', perhaps.

I think not reliably from within POV-Ray itself(a).

Some events, like segmentation faults, are being generated by libraries 
in use by POV-Ray and they are, more or less, crashing the program in a 
way the operating system ends up handling.

(a) - The 0, 1, 2 return codes are ones handled by POV-Ray itself and 
these could be written to stderr / cerr prior to exit, but not to one of 
the output streams as defined and handled by POV-Ray.

In Unix environments we can today do this:

yuqk boom.pov;echo "yuqk return code is: $?";


povray boom.pov;echo "povray return code is: $?";


povray boom.pov;export POVRAY_RC=$?;

'yuqk' is really a wrapper script around the yuqk fork's 'povray' 
executable where the last line is 'exit $?' to pass the return code back 
to the calling process. That wrapper could be modified to output to 
always write out a status line with the return code to the terminal - or 
to a file.

The yuqk fork has a getenv() function so you could run another SDL .pov 
file which does something with a YUQK_RC environment variable.

unset YUQK_RC;yuqk boom.pov;export YUQK_RC=$?;yuqk getenv.pov -d -p;

Where getenv.pov contains:

#debug concat("The return code is: ",getenv("YUQK_RC"),"\n")

and then the second yuqk will print: "The return code is: 1".

Rather than a #debug statement, that could be a #write I guess doing 
more stuff based on the value.

I don't know how to handle self generated return codes with only one 
call to the 'povray' executable.

Bill P.

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