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From: scott
Date: 28 May 2015 02:46:20
Message: <5566b9bc$1@news.povray.org>
> Every time that you re-save a scene, the previous version is renamed
> with an added .bak extention. If such a file already exist, the older is
> deleted before the renaming. You don't get .bak.bak nor .bak2.
> What you want would result in deleting the current file, then using the
> automaticaly created .bak file, remove the .bak extention and try again.
> The problem is that there is only one .bak file. If you saved the scene
> more than once since the last working version, that old version is lost.

Back when I was using single-core mcpov a lot I wrote a "launcher" for 
it that would set off multiple instances on the same file (to utilise 
multi-core). However it would first create a folder (named as the 
filename followed by the timestamp) in which it would copy the pov file 
into and put all the output images).

That was really useful for being able to go back and see the source and 
result for each version. However it would not work in general as you 
would need to keep a copy of all #included files and not just the one 
you call to start the render.

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