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From: Alain
Date: 27 May 2015 16:59:04
Message: <55663018@news.povray.org>

> Hello group.
> I wondered what kind of features could render (pun not intended) our animations
> easier.
> There are certain situations where you DON'T want your animation render to
> terminate, because of state dependent animations, negative clocks and rendered
> file names not using the negative index for naming, and maybe other reasons.
> where changing the initial_frame and initial_clock to restart from where it
> stopped is not sufficient.
> What i would introduce is a parse button, to the already present render, pause,
> and stop controls.
> The parse behaviour would be as follows :
> try to parse the file at it is displayed on the editor.
> In case of a parse error, the renderer will re-parse and render the file at its
> last successful parse state version but with the clock running of course. and
> display a colored warning, of course.
> A companion feature would be : undo changes to last good parse state.
> That's for today...
> Have a nice day.

Every time that you re-save a scene, the previous version is renamed 
with an added .bak extention. If such a file already exist, the older is 
deleted before the renaming. You don't get .bak.bak nor .bak2.

What you want would result in deleting the current file, then using the 
automaticaly created .bak file, remove the .bak extention and try again.
The problem is that there is only one .bak file. If you saved the scene 
more than once since the last working version, that old version is lost.


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