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  Re: Basics.  
From: Jaime Vives Piqueres
Date: 4 Mar 2014 12:19:53
Message: <53160b39$1@news.povray.org>

> I am using a model exported from sketchup.

   Then most likely the "random texturing" comes from the sketchup exporter.

> ... the documentaition is hardly easy reading either.

   Well, raytracing per se isn't an easy matter, so...

> Not a whinge or rant just observing that this program seems targeted
> at the 1980's era coders who want to do eberything longhand.

   Note that POV-Ray is just a renderer with an scene description
language, so to use it alone you have to code everything by hand.

   BTW, coders of any era do everything by hand, else they are not
coders.... ;)


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