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From: FractRacer
Date: 3 Mar 2014 06:00:52
Message: <531460e4@news.povray.org>

> OK, I get the impresion that this render engine will give random attibutes to
> textures in a model for render, or at least seems to.  Forgive my ignorance
> because I cannot find the information I am looking for and to be honest bulletin
> boards are a bit 1980.  How do I associate an attribute I want rather than a
> random type?  How do I associate a material with bump or a bump map?
> Other than allow the program to do what it wants, how do I actually achieve
> anything with pov-ray?
> I know, search, done and the results are very hit and miss.  To be honest I
> cannot see the point of a render program with randomly associated material
> attributes.  Have a good day folks.

What? The textures in Povray are randomly made? Are you sure? Or your 
knowledge is not big enough to understand the system of textures in 
Povray. What is your problem with rendering in Povray, can you explain 
it? And in last, have you read the documentation?
Povray is hard to master, it need a long learning.


Do not judge my words, judge my actions.



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