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  POV-Ray as a LLVM backend  
From: Warp
Date: 19 Jun 2013 11:34:24
Message: <51c1cf80@news.povray.org>
There has been much discussion about a new scripting language for
defining scenes in POV-Ray 4.

What if POV-Ray were made into a LLVM backend, and the current scene
description language, plus any possible future new language, into a
LLVM frontend?

The advantage of this would be that you could write your scenes in any
language for which there exists a LLVM frontend. If you want to write
your scene in C++, go ahead. If you want to write it in Haskell, you can
do so. Python? Ruby? Fortran? ActionScript? Everything goes. Or you can
write it with the current SDL, given that a SDL frontend is made.

Also, scenes can be "pre-parsed" into LLVM's internal format and
re-rendered from that format directly, saving the time it takes to parse
the original source code.

                                                          - Warp

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