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  Re: [SDL] New instruction - Automatically joining objects  
From: Nicolas Alvarez
Date: 22 Dec 2009 00:28:38
Message: <4b305906$1@news.povray.org>
Kelumden wrote:
> I used POV-Ray for a couple of years but without real artistic talent so I
> keep myself with Sci-Fi subjects, my favorite being spaceships in an hard
> science setting (like the RPGs 2300AD, 2320AD and Jovian Chronicles).
> While building/assembling various parts to create a spaceship, I have
> frequently been annoyed by the difficulty of adjusting different modules.
> So ...
> The proposal:
> 1. An instruction to define a connection vector. A connection vector is an
> identified vector (origin and direction) associated with an object and
> whose origin is set anywhere on or near the object. Being identified means
> that this vector has a mean of being uniquely addressed within the scope
> of the object (by index or by name)
> 2. An instruction allowing to specify a connection vector from one object
> that must be aligned with a connection vector of a target object. This
> instruction resolves as a rotation of the first object so that the two
> vectors are parallel but pointing in opposite directions. To this end, the
> first object is rotated around the origin of the first vector. The
> rotation is followed by a translation of the first object so that the
> origin of both connection vectors are the same (in the absolute reference
> space)
> Drawback:
> 1. There must be a way to uniquely identify each object
> 2. Once merged, there must be a way (or rules !) to tell what append with
> connection vectors of both objects. Are they de facto merged or deleted?

I don't understand why union{} isn't enough for your needs...

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