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  Re: Paralel GPU processor support for Nvidia CUDA architecture  
From: Sabrina Kilian
Date: 30 Nov 2009 06:46:12
Message: <4b13b084$1@news.povray.org>
arblick spule wrote:
> Is it not the case that the big two (three?) (NVidia and ATI and (?)) are
> developing a C-like language (common) which might deal with this?  I.E. using
> the GPU's of NVidia will directly translate to t'other.

Not the case, at the moment. They may be working towards using the same
language, but I stopped following along. Right now, it isn't there yet.

> Anyway, it would be great if we could use the power of the big GPU's to do a lot
> of our maths while our CPU's sit there and deal with the need for AntiVirus
> software, overbearing operating systems, instant messaging, and all of that
> whilst streaming TV over our 't'internet connection, AND rendering 920,332,986
> spheres in POVRAY!

It would be great, yes. The problem that what POV-Ray requires of a
processor is not what graphics cards provide. When either graphics cards
get complex enough to handle the requirements of a general raytracer, or
someone comes up with an algorithm that works, or someone invests the
time placing all the branching code on the CPU with the matrix math on
the GPU and finds that it does indeed work faster, that is when we may
see POV-Ray start that direction. Not before then, and definitely not
before 4.0.

> Sorry to mention my 920,332,986 spheres again (fourth time today) but I'm quite
> impressed by POVRAY's ability!  It did it in the time it takes to watch an
> epsiode of "Scrubs" on MegaVideo but without affecting the playback!  Bonza!

It is amazing, isn't it?

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