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  Re: Scale Postfixes  
From: scott
Date: 5 Aug 2009 03:19:55
Message: <4a79329b@news.povray.org>
> It would be neat to have an "official" set of units, but I still favor 
> them as
> regular variables that are defined in terms of each other.  It could 
> simplify
> the use of other people's objects, which will become more of an issue as 
> the
> object collection grows.  A standard include for SI and commonly used 
> non-SI
> units?

It's not going to work...

Try and render this: (with some pigments and lights...)

#declare mm = 1;
#declare  m = 1000 * mm;
#declare km = 1000 * m;

sphere{ 0 , 6400*km }
camera{ location <3000,1000,25000>*km }

Even if you define m as 1 (which would seem the most logical choice to me) 
it still doesn't work.

For some reason POV doesn't like (not very) big numbers, and if you define a 
certain distance as "1", some scenes are bound to break.

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