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  Re: Possible solution for camera conundrum  
From: Chambers
Date: 4 Jun 2009 15:32:18
Message: <4a282142@news.povray.org>
scott wrote:
> But there should also be a "clip" option where the image is scaled up 
> (and cropped) so the image output size is exactly as you specified and 

I would be against that, as it would (essentially) be POV-Ray 
automatically editing your image.  Let the scene designer edit the 
image; let POV render it.

As far as specifying both width and height, with this system there are 
three options:

1) Change the Pixel_Squat value *for this render only* to match the 
specified dimensions.
2) Use the final of the two values as your input.
3) Throw an error at the user.


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