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  Re: Possible solution for camera conundrum  
From: scott
Date: 3 Jun 2009 04:47:55
Message: <4a2638bb$1@news.povray.org>
> Whenever you set either the width or the height of the image, POV checks 
> your pixel aspect ratio (the Pixel_Squat value, which defaults to 1.0 
> {square pixels}) and adjusts the other dimension accordingly to give an 
> appropriately scaled image.

This would be a great improvement, especially with the default as 1.0.

Next we have to decide what POV does when you specify the width *and* the 
height, and these don't match the camera (assuming pixel_squat is the 
default of 1.0).  The default should be to keep the image at the specified 
aspect ratio and fitting inside the specified output resolution (ie one 
dimensions of the image output resolution will be lower than you specified 
in the ini file or command line).

But there should also be a "clip" option where the image is scaled up (and 
cropped) so the image output size is exactly as you specified and completely 
filled.  This would be useful for lots of images, and would save the process 
of multiple-renderings (or searching for the camera block) to work out the 
correct resolution to give POV, then clipping in an external program.  It 
would be very easy to code in POV, but save a lot of people work.

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