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  Re: POV-Ray 4 SDL: Some concrete proposal  
From: Peter Hokanson
Date: 13 May 2009 13:00:19
Message: <4a0afca3@news.povray.org>
ingo wrote:

> I realy like Python, but don't use it as an SDL but steal as much
> possible from it and use it in a sytax as close as possible tot the
> current SDL as possible and read.

This may seem a little odd, but why not use Python as an SDL?  I've used the 
C/C++ API before, and it would give us a mature, byte-compilable language 
that could easily link to a render module.  I think the license is 
acceptable, and it's certainly more optimized than anything we could easily 
come up with.

We basically would end up using the C API to compile the actual ray-
intersection code, the actual 'raytracer'.  Callbacks can give Python the 
ability to shoot extra rays, and would potentially even allow the definition 
of objects' ray-intersection functions from SDL.

If not Python, then perhaps some other established language should be 

 - Peter Hokanson

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