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  Re: POVRAY v4 SDL, Basic/Advanced/Intermediate  
From: Mueen Nawaz
Date: 20 Apr 2009 17:57:33
Message: <49ecefcd$1@news.povray.org>
nemesis wrote:
> They are just thin wrappers for scientific/numeric libs written in C.

	Well, you may get comparable performance if you never do, say, a loop.
Or if you can manipulate large datasets using only the vectorized forms
and not make use of almost anything within the actual Python language.
In real world cases, it's unlikely.

	It's the same with MATLAB - they're just wrappers for libraries in
C/C++. Yet few perceive it to be as fast. You can always concoct
examples where they're comparable, but in reality, you may not be able
to vectorize everything.

	I often tell people that NumPy/SciPy is a "competitor" of MATLAB (and
has a much faster interpreter, which can make a big difference). If
MATLAB doesn't perform well for them, and if they properly know how to
use MATLAB, then I don't recommend NumPy/SciPy to them either.

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